Digital Monograph Press

is a post-publishing platform for Monographs



We are building a unique open-source library of digital Monographs that might otherwise be lost to the database of human knowledge.


A monograph can be defined as a vessel for publication of an unlimited number of studies centered on topics limited only by the size of the planet. Academics and Ph.D. students have made a considerable contribution to this form of dissemination of knowledge. A tremendous number of these works stand in need of digitalization if they are going to be accessible to future generations and it is our goal to be of service in this regard.

There is a vibrant community that has been developing best practices for digital monograph publication. We are committed to incorporating those practices into our translations and also to adapting our techniques to the requirements of each project while creating an “evergreen” digital publication that remains relevant and visible in this incarnation of the internet and beyond.

In the long term, Digital Monograph Press will be a library of new and old monographs, a community of researchers and thinkers, and fountain of new ideas and collaboration.