About Us

Meg Montgomery is the founder and force behind Digital Monograph Press.


Meg Montgomery, founder Meg Montgomery (aka Electricmeg) is graduate of the Indiana University School of Music (1988) (now known as the Jacobs School of Music). She is a highly skilled web mistress (since 1997), lifelong musician, producer, entrepreneur and multimedia artist.

She was inspired to bring Digital Monograph Press to life after having completed Girolamo Frescobaldi: An Extended Biography for Frederick Hammond, Professor Emeritus at Bard College, and recognizing that there is a tremendous need for this work.

Currently facilitating a multi-volume digital multimedia monograph project for Malena Kuss, (Professor Emeritus of Musicology at University of North Texas), she is in the process of building a team of highly skilled web professionals to handle large volumes of work.

She is a member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing and a student of best-practices in the field.

It is her desire to not only help preserve the mountains of knowledge included in monographs for future generations, but also to curate an online community where intellectual pursuit is valued, preserved and encouraged; the digital, modern-day equivalent of Montmartre, so to speak, where intellectual banter – passionate or otherwise – is encouraged as a necessary force of rational change.

You can learn more about her at her personal website, electricmeg.com.




Meg has always shown up on time, cared about and diligently did her work and took pride in it. Most importantly, she cared about the people she worked with in and out of her department. Always was a top choice for the managers. Later on I recommended her to someone in another business and she spent a year there and successfully took on new challenges in a new field. She’s not afraid to try something new. – Dave Tavalin, 2008 (colleague at Goldman, Sachs & Co)


Meg was a great addition to our Marketing department. Her can-do and get it done attitude are just two of her great strengths. Those combined with her creative knowledge helped us produce some unique communication material – often within very tight deadlines. I can confidently recommend Meg Montgomery’s work in design. – Monika Shvetz, 2008 (Prudential LTC)



Meg is a consistent source of leadership and logic on every project she’s involved with—we have collaborated on a number of projects in the areas of web design and audio engineering. I know I can always rely on Meg to use her extensive knowledge and abilities in these areas to enhance the vision, and push any piece to creatively unexpected places. Meg is passionate about her work, and will deliver on time and above expectations. She is an asset to any team—a voice of reason in the heat of the action. – Rob Aleman, 2010 (Pearson Education)


Meg is amazing ! she has so many talents, she has just mastered a track for me for my new album and with her producing expertise it sounds absolutely brilliant! She is also such a lovely caring person and works from her heart – I am so happy to be able to say she’s become a good friend too! just love her! – Sally Hope, 2011 (musician)


Meg Montgomery has worked with me for several years on a large and complex project which has been nominated for a prize by the American Musicological Society. She was recommended by a knowledgeable friend and has proved crucial to the success of the project. I recommend her unreservedly both as a technician and as a colleague. – Frederick Hammond, girolamofrescobaldi.com 2019


Meg’s web design skills are great, and she created a website that matches the personality and aesthetic of my artwork! And she has been there for me in the follow-up, helping me with the inevitable techno-glitches and necessary upgrades, very reliably. I would recommend her for anything that requires creativity, technological expertise, and long term attention to detail. She is also on-top-of all of the details of security and search engine connectivity, and has been available for follow-up even years after building the original site. So, basically, Meg is a national treasure, and I highly recommend her services! – Aurora, flyingrainbowlasagne.com, 2020